After the last year’s nuclear crisis due to the massive earthquake and tsunami, hundreds of protestors on August 26, 2012 marched on the streets of Tokyo. The protestors took the streets demanding the Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to drop the country’s atomic energy programme.

The protest saw about 500 protestors which included mothers with their children and young men banging drums who walked through the capital’s popular Shibuya shopping district. One of the participants said, “This is part of the movement that has backed up the rallies outside the prime minister’s office every Friday”.

In the past few months, thousands of protestors have protested every Friday outside the Prime Minister’s office in Tokyo. The protests were to pressurise the Prime Minister to abandon Japan’s nuclear energy programme.

Noda last week met face to face with the anti-nuclear protestors for the first time. The representatives of the protestors had urged the prime minister to take back the atomic plans and also his decision to restart two reactors. But Noda declined to switch off the reactors which were restarted this summer due to the shortage of power in the country. Japan had turned off 50 of its stable reactors after the 9.0 earthquake in March 2011 which was followed by a massive tsunami.