The authorities of Shanghai are planning to give free number plates to the owners of the energy saving vehicles. The Chief engineer of the China’s largest domestic car maker said that the move is considered so as to encourage the use of electric cars.

Ling Tianjun, the chief engineer of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation said that China Daily subsidies will be offering to buyers and tax rebates to the companies. This will help to ease the expected high costs involved in buying the new generation vehicles.

Tianjun also said that he is also considering free plates as a good initiative to encourage the purchases of such vehicles. In the upcoming years the electric cars are expected to gain a larger market share. The chief executive was talking on the sidelines of the Innovative Design Forum of Shanghai Design Biennial 2012 and said that the industry is also keen on any financial assistance involves in developing them.

Ling said, “The research and development costs of new energy vehicles at this stage are very high, andthe industry is thirsty for government support”. In recent times Shanghai has been trying to ease the traffic congestion by controlling the number of private cars on the road. Private number plates are being auctioned by the authorities but the bidding prices have kept rising.
Photo Credits: EV Winds