After the Fukushima disaster, the Japanese officials say that the Gamma rays from the rubble left by the incident are of greater concern. The officials say that the gamma rays are more dangerous than the radioactive cesium which is still being emitted from the crippled Fukushima plant.

According to a report submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency meeting presented on Monday has said that the cesium which is being released from the plant is at approximately 0.01 becquerels per hour. The level of emission is well below the health hazard level.

The report was presented by Shinichi Kuroki, who says that greater challenge is to reduce the relatively high gamma ray radiation from the plant debris. About 17 months back a massive earthquake and tsunami had hit the plant and had challenged its safety systems which resulted in the spread of radioactivity over a large area.

Yukiya Amano, the IAEA chief has said urged the delegates to maintain the sense of urgency on the post Fukushima Nuclear safety. After the major nuclear crisis, the government of Japan had shut down about 50 of the stable nuclear reactors in the country. But then the government had to restart two of its stable reactors amidst strong protests, due to the shortage of electricity.

Photo Credits: MSN