The world leader of smartphone and tablets, Apple is now seeking speedy bans on the sale of eight Samsung phones. With the bans the American company is moving swiftly towards the court victory over its rival in to the tangible business benefit.

On August 27, Apple wasted no time in identifying its targets which includes the Galaxy S2 and Droid Charge. The lawsuit of Apple has encompassed 28 devices while many of the accused products are no longer widely available in the world’s largest mobile market.

However, the flagship device of Samsung , the Galaxy S III will not be included in the trail as the feature and design elements have been validated by the jury and the US company could not try to contest against the device. But now Apple does not have to file a separate suit for the Galaxy S III but can include it in a ‘contempt proceeding’ which moves faster.

A hearing on the injunction has been set on September 20, 2012. If the US District Judge Lucy Koh grants the sales ban on the Samsung products then the South Korean company will be outing them on hold for the outcome of the appeal. Samsung has assured that it will take all the essential steps to ensure the availability of its products in the US market.

Photo Credits: Prefix Mag