The United States on August 27, 2012 said that the incident against the Japan’s ambassador in China would be of extreme concern. The officials reported that the man ripped the flag from the envoy’s car.

Victoria Nuland the State Department spokesperson said, “If in fact these reports about an attack on the vehicle of the Japanese ambassador are accurate, that would be extremely concerning, particularly given his diplomatic status”. But Nuland added that the United States had not confirmed the details of the reported incident.

An official from the Japanese embassy in Beijing said that the man took away the flag of the Ambassador Uichiro Niwa’s car when he was inside. But no one was injured and the vehicles was also not damaged.

Several anti-Japan rallies are being held by the Chinese demonstrators in many cities. The protestors are targeting the businesses, restaurants and even the cars from the neighbours after the Japanese nationals landed on the island which is claimed by the Japanese as well as the Chinese. The Chinese authorities who are mostly quick to put down any public protests have allowed the demonstrations to go ahead. Nuland also said that the US was more concerned about the tensions between Japan and China which are Asia’s two largest economies.