Japan and China relations have since long been sore. The screening of the movie which was based on the Japan and China friendly relations has been postponed. The movie screening was postponed due to the territorial row between the two countries.

The movie ‘The Love Leading to Tomorrow’ was to be screened in China on September 7, 2012. But the Tokyo based film company Under Z Group said, the screening will have to be delayed until later in the month or in the month of October.

The company added that the decision to postpone the screening was made “considering various factors including the current relations between the two countries”. The movie was premiered in Japan n the month of March and was made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Japan’s normalization of diplomatic ties with China.

The movie narrates a story of love and friendship between a Chinese man and Japanese female fashion designer whose grandmother was an orphan who was left behind in China at the end of the World War II. For months the two countries have been arguing over the issues related to the disputed islands which are claimed by both the countries. The matter increased after Chinese activists from Hong Kong sailed to the islands.

Photo Credits: Straits Times