The chairman of Maruti Suzuki Corp, Osamu Suzuki clarified that the company does not intend to put an end to the contract worker system at its car plant in India. Suzuki in an exclusive interview said that the plant at Manesar had 1,800 contractual workers in addition to 1,900 regular employees and 200 trainees.

The chairman also revealed that in Japan the contract workers comprise 30 to 35 percent of its workforce and Maruti will try to move that ratio from the current 50:50. Suzuki had also met the Haryana Chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda during his visit to India and said, “This incident happened on July 18th; today is August 29th. More than one month has passed. Many people have been arrested but I cannot believe that the reason for the incident is not yet clear.”

Suzuki also said that he met 93 of the 96 employees who were hurt in the violence while the other three had their legs broken by the rioters. Suzuki also took a tough stand on the rioters and said, “As far as the criminals are concerned, they will be caught and prosecuted and they will lose their jobs; so, they won’t be getting any benefit from this.”

The company will be challenging the way it hires contract workers.