The popular toilet maker of Japan has on August 30, 2012 unveiled its ‘poop powered’ motorcycle. The bike can travel up to 300 kms on a tank filled with animal waste.

The new vehicle has been termed as the world’s first waste powered vehicle. The three wheeler has a toilet in place of a regular seat and also a huge paper roll at the back. The vehicle was demonstrated by a young model who hopped on, but the company TOTO clarified that she would not supply the gas.

Kenji Fujita, the spokesperson of the company said, “The biogas it uses as fuel is not made from human waste. It’s made from livestock waste and sewage”. Fujita added, “We hope to raise awareness among customers about our green campaign through development of environmentally-friendly products such as water-saving showerheads and water-saving toilets”.

However, the company does not have any intentions to commercialize the motorcycle. Toto manufactures toilets equipped with heated seats, water jets with pressure and temperature controls and ambient background music. The strangest part is, the motorcycle is powered by animal waste but still is equipped with a toilet seat. The company Toto is based in Kitakyushu, Japan and is considered as the world’s largest toilet manufacturer.