The work on incinerating the tsunami debris from Oshinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture has begun. The work on the incineration has begun in the town of Kasama in Ibaraki Prefecture. The first shipment of 80 tons from Ishiomaki arrived on August 30, 2012.

The incinerator named Eco Frontier Kasama, received the debris which was delivered by trucks. The operators of the incinerator said that a radiation check of the ashes was carried out after a test incineration last month after a test incineration last month.

The air around the plant had registered 0.07microsieverts per hour while the ashes measured 100 becquerels per kilo. Both fall within the government safety limits. At present the plan is to burn 37,500 tons of rubble through the incinerators by March 2014.

The discussion about the compensation in consideration of accepting the debris with many of the prefectures is going on. The compensation discussion has been going on since last year after the Fukushima crisis at the nuclear plant. The Fukushima Daiichi plant was hit by the massive tsunami last year in the month of March. The reactors of the plant went in to melt down as the cooling system of the reactors had failed. The reactors then released the radiations in a large area.


Photo Credits: MSN