Baba Ramdev, known for his Yoga skills, has on September 5, 2012 announced a fresh agitation against the Congress from October 2, 2012. Ramdev also said that the new agitation will last till the next Lok Sabha Elections.

The agitation will focus on the upcoming Assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. The yoga guru while addressing a press conference said that he will continue to work despite Congress targeting him and his fight will be for a change in the power and system.

Ramdev said, “People will give a suitable answer to Congress (for targeting us). What will it do to us when it is on a dissolving path on its own”. The location of the launch of the fresh campaign was not announced at the press meet.

But Ramdev informed that the programme is likely to begin from Himachal Pradesh. The yoga guru was also asked if he was on a collision with Team Anna, who will also be announcing a political party on the same day. Ramdev said that he is not in competition with any body and that he will also not comment on whether he will support them. When asked about Anna Hazare and his support, the yoga guru refused to comment.