India’s official government press agency, the Press Information Bureau has launched the mobile version of its website. The new mobile version has been launched so as to increase the accessibility of the website.

The users can access the mobile version through the link, The mobile users who prefer the full functionality and display of the regular website can access it from The new mobile website has been customised to display the latest press releases on its home page.

The website also offers links to the other websites. Moreover, the makers of the website have also made it accessible to the users having poor or slower internet connection. The website does not have heavy content like the photos and videos on the home page.

Instead the Photos tab displays a basic photo gallery page and displays the content in English. In due course of time the content on the website will also be available in Hindi and Urdu. In India the PIB website is one of the most popular information websites and is updated many times in a day. The website offers information on police and programmes of the government of India besides official events, announcements and alerts and other information. More and more government websites are now going mobile.