Motohisa Furukawa the Economics minister on September 4, 2012 said that Japan is scheduled to set its national energy policy next week. Furukawa also said that the government has not taken any particular position on the main question over the role of nuclear power.

The protests related to the anti-nuclear have increased in the country after the tsunami earthquake disaster in the year 2011. The natural disaster had damaged the Fukushima nuclear plant in the month of March last year and had triggered the world’s most worst nuclear crisis in 25 years.

With the government considering the opinion of the public due to the upcoming elections, there are chances that it would consider eliminating the atomic power by the year 2030. This would result in a big shift for an economy which had planned to boost nuclear energy before last year’s incident.

Furukawa added that the ruling democratic party would draw up the policy at the end of the week. The minister said, “The party plans to compile the policy this week, and based on the party’s discussions, the government is on course to set its policy some time between this weekend and early next week”. But he also suggested that the government might even dodge the crucial question over the long term role of nuclear power.