The officials in Japan on September 5, 2012 said that they would draw up a plan to help the United States and Canada with the debris along with Pacific coasts. Japan is now looking forward to pay back the support that they received after last year’s tsunami.

Tokyo officials are now aiming to offer help which might be in the form of payment, as a way of showing its gratitude for the outpouring of sympathy in the days when the country was hit by the deadly tsunami and had devastated the northeast coast. An official from the cabinet office said, “Although Japan is not obliged to retrieve debris on the North American side of the Pacific, we can’t say we will do nothing about it as we received enormous support from the United States and other countries after the disaster”.

The official added, “In addition to the cooperation we are already engaged in through NGO activities and through providing information on debris, we are studying measures, including the option of paying for the clean-up”. He also said that Japan would hope to decided on what measures Japan would take before the bulk of debris aches the North America’s Pacific coasts.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda assured that Japan would take measures to help retrieve the debris when he visited Washington in the month of April.