South Korean giant Samsung Electronics on September 6, 2012 announced that the global sales of its Galaxy S III smartphone has reached to 20 million since its launch in the month of May. The company has managed to sell the smartphones amidst the legal battles with Apple Inc.

Samsung in a statement said that three months back the Galaxy S III had hit the market of Europe where it sold sex million handsets. The Asian market absorbed about 4.5 million handsets while the North American market took away four million of the smartphone.

The statement added, “Galaxy S III … is being sold three times faster than the previous Galaxy S II and six times faster than the first version of Galaxy S”. The third version of the S series offers a face recognition technology on the smartphone along with improved voice activated controls along with the more powerful processor which allows the users to watch videos and write emails simultaneously.

Samsung for a long time has been dealing with the patent war across the globe with the iPhone company Apple Inc. Apple won damages worth $1.05 billion on August 24, 2012 at a court in California. But the Japanese court last week rejected the claim by Apple that Samsung stole its technology.