The ministry of health in China has given its nod to cultivate ginseng to be used in food products across the nation. The recent move is seen as a good opportunity for the development of the country’s ginseng industry.

Zhang Lianxue a ginseng expert at Jilin Agricultural University said “Many ginseng growers are expected to benefit from the new policy that will help China’sginseng industry to develop further and enhance its international competitiveness”. Ginseng has been dubbed as the king of herbs and is considered as nutritious and also has great medical value in traditional Chinese medicine.

Over 3,000 years Ginseng has also been used as a tonic in TCM. The herb is mainly grown in eastern Asia and the production in Changbai Mountainin Jilin accounts for 85 percent of China’s production and 70 % of the world’s total output. According to the records in history China has a 1,660 year history in cultivating ginseng while more than 98% of ginseng in Jilin is currently cultivated and not grown in the wild.

Zhang Hui, an official at Ginseng said that it has been proven that ginseng is less toxic than garlic. Now more and more enterprises have sensed business opportunities and have also started to invest in ginseng industry.