The prevention of the endemic diseases has become the most urgent issue in the quake affected streets and villages in Yiliang county, Yunnan province. The search for the survivors also comes close to an end.

The temperature in the area is reaching 35 C and even the humidity level is increasing. The risk of the diseases like diarrhea, flu and mosquito borne viruses are increasing. Cheng Lianyuan the vice mayor of Zhaotong during a news conference on September 10, 2012 said that the rescuers have searched 95 percent of the earthquake affected areas and the prevention of the diseases is a priority.

But Cheng promised that the rescuers will not give up any rescue effort when there is hope for life. The temperatures are posing difficulties to the rescuers involved in endemic prevention efforts. The rescuers wear special suits with disinfectant spray on their backs.

Tian Fusheng a company commander of a regiment tasked with defending against chemical weapons said, “It feels like taking a hot shower in the suit. But we know our job is crucial”. On September 10, 2012 Tian and his team helped Huang Rong a worker from the fish farm to sterilize thousands of dead fish in ponds which were destroyed in the earthquakes.