After 18 months of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Hundreds of police and coast guard officers were on September 11, 2012 searching for the remains of around 2,800 people who are still missing. Some 800 officers searched in the beaches and rocks or probed waters with boats and underwater robots along with the rugged Pacific coast in the Tohoku region.

Japan was struck with the major disaster on March 11, 2012 which left 18,684 people dead or missing and sparked reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear power plant on the coast.2,814 had remained unaccounted for and of the missing people Miyagi has the most at 1,394 followed by Iwate with 1,205 and 211 in Fukushima.

Moreover 1,632 have died of the disaster related causes like fatigue, bad health from living in evacuation shelters in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima. Reports have said that 343,000 people are still living in about 136,000 temporary homes like the makeshift houses and private properties which are rented by the government.

Nearly half which is 161,000 people remain unable to return to their homes in Fukushima amid fears of radiation from the stricken power plant. The local media reported that the city of Kesennuma about 10 officers searched for a fishing port where a set of skeletal remains were recovered last month.