Indian telecom operator Airtel has introduced a voice based navigation system for its sub scribers in India. The new system might make traffic jams a thing of the past. The Airtel subscribers can now allow the users to get voice directions on their mobile handsets apart from traffic updates and even the location details of the nearest hotels, restaurants, motels, and other noted public places.

The new system is known as the SmartDrive and this will help the users to plan the approximate time that they need to reach their destination especially for the long trips or the crucial get togethers. But this does not seems like the perfect solution as the data for the average traffic speed, distance and time taken to reach the destination will be based on the GPS data accumulated from similarly capable device.

The users of Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore can avail the application from Airtel Live. The company is also planning to launch the application in Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad later this year.

The users will be charged for search and map viewer Nil, navigation daily pack for Rs. 10 per day. Navigation monthly pack at Rs.99, Live traffic daily pack Rs. 3 per day and live traffic monthly pack at Rs. 49 per month.


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