After the official launch of the Apple iPhone 5 in the US and other countries, the Indian enthusiasts might not have to wait for its official launch in India. The gray market are already eyeing the handset and claim that they can deliver the phone within a week from September 21, 2012 which is the official delivery date of the phone.

But the Apple lovers in India have to also shell out a whopping price to own the device. It is expected to cost at Rs. 75,000 and the deposit is half of the amount of the quoted price.

The US giant launched the new iPhone 5 in the US along with other countries including Australia, France and Germany but it has not given any clue about the product’s launch in India. But it has been predicted that the new iphone 5 will be in the local market by the month of November 2012.

An Apple reseller in New Delhi said, “We have been receiving huge calls and footfalls in store have increased since yesterday. Everybody is asking about the availability of iPhone5”. But they also believe that they would get a clear hint within 15-20 days. As for now none of the Apple resellers are accepting any pre-bookings of the handset.


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