Seems like, the Indian government is getting serious to prevent the malicious use of internet and social media. The Prime Minister’s office is looking forward to pull out a strategy to prevent such content.

A meeting was held at the PMO which was attended by the heads of all the intelligence agencies as well as the representatives from the ministries of home, IT and telecom. The government in the meeting had decided to set up an appropriate regime which will address the issues related to the blocking of the content on the internet and social media in a smart, timely and consistent manner.

According to the minutes of the meeting, the new regime will work out a effective cyber monitoring system, specify penalties for the perpetrators and lay out the guidelines and operating procedures on the nature of online content which will be blocked.

The measures will also have a legal arm that will fix up existing gaps in the IT Act for dealing such situations including deterring malicious use of the internet and social media. The ministries of Home and Information technology have been directed to work out the structure and the mandate of the new regime. The need for controlling the internet content was realized last month when the people from the north eastern states had panicked.


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