Miyago Prefecture has sent its first load of tsunami debris, which has arrived in Kitakyushu for disposal on September 17, 2012. Near about 30 demonstrators were on hand to protest the arrival of 100 tons of debris from Ishinomaki City.

The officials have said that the debris will be incinerated at three locations in Kitakyushu. The Kitakyushu assembly in the month of March had adopted a resolution to accept the tsunami debris as long as the central government demonstrated that it is not radioactive.

The decision was taken in response to the written request from Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, which was sent to all the prefectures other than Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima. The letter had requested the prefectures to accept debris under a special law on disaster waste disposal.

Kitakyushu assembly has agree to accept 80 tones of debris from Ishinomaki City on a trial basis. The ash from the debris incinerated tested negative for radiation after which the city agreed to accept 23,000 tons of debris this financial year. Goshi Hosono, the Environmental minister assured the local governments that the central government would strictly monitor radiation levels in all debris before it leaves Tohoku and will also test the ashes after the debris is incinerated to reassure the local residents.


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