The controversial MV-22 Osprey aircraft has been given a green light by Japan to fly over the country from next month. The aircraft was allowed to fly over the country after tests found the American hybrid plane safe despite a number of crashes.

The United States has been looking forward to deploy the tilt rotor aircraft which takes off like a helicopter but flies like a plane. The tilt rotor aircraft will be deployed to Okinawa despite strong public opposition largely due to the safety grounds after it crashed twice earlier this year.

Defence Minister Satoshi Morimoto on September 19, 2012 said that the final results of the crash investigation have confirmed that the helicopter plane is safe and the United States will begin the deployment at some point in the month of October. Morimoto said, “We have confirmed that the two accidents were caused by human factors and not by the aircraft’s systemic problems or by technical problems”.

The defence minister while talking to the reporters added, “We have confirmed the safety for the Osprey to operate, and on the premise that there will be maximum consideration provided for the public, we have decided to allow the United States to start operating the Osprey.” The Tokyo’s decision was welcomed by Pentagon as the sign of strength of the US and Japan partnership.


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