A circular has been issued by Air India for its cabin crew in which it has asked them to behave themselves while mid-air. The notice has been issued after there were many complaints about consuming passenger meals and even loud conversations amidst the crew members in the flight.

As the complaint came from the first class passengers, the airline did not waste time on issuing the fresh circular on September 5, 2012. The circular has directed the cabin crew to keep a watch on their manner they east and talk.

One of the senior Air India official received complaints that the crew ate the passenger meals in front of the passengers during the flight. The crew has also been asked to talk softly while in the galley which is close to the first class seats and also draw the curtains when they are having food.

The meals on each flight are uplifted as per the number of passengers and the cabin crew keeps some of the food packets for their consumption during the flights. The airline has also instructed the crew to be restrained while they are consuming the airline or personal meals. The circular has also instructed that the cabin crew has to take turns to take meals so that sufficient numbers are available to attend the passengers.


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