After going through a long journey of struggle against corruption, Team Anna has suffered a split from with Anna Hazare and some of the top activists. Hazare and his right hand Arvid Kejriwal have decided to part ways while opposing their plans to form a political party.

After being together for about 18 months in which they fought together against corruption in the country, the group led by Hazare had bitter discussions with Kejriwal and his supporters which included Prashant Bhushan and Shanti Bhushan on the issue of forming a political party.

Anna was backed by the activists including Kiran Bedi and Justice Santosh Hegde and told the other group during the nine hour deliberations that they were free to form a political party but cannot use his name or photo for the campaign.

Hazare said, “It is unfortunate that the team has separated…I will not join any party or any group. I will not go for their campaign. I have told them not to use my photo or my name in their campaign. You fight on your own”. The India Against Corruption activists also refused to accept the survey done through the social networking sites which approved support for Hazare. Kejriwal had earlier pointed out that if Hazare does not approve of forming a party then they would not.


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