Arvind Kejriwal, the RTI activist and India Against Corruption activist on September 23, 2012 announced a civil disobedience movement against the congress led UPA government at the centre. Kejriwal while talking to the reporters at Jantar Mantar said that the central government is corrupt and denounced its recently proclaimed economic reforms.

Arvind said, “From today we have launched a civil disobedience movement in Delhi. People are suffering because of inflation, rising fuel water and electricity costs. The government is doing so because of its corrupt nature. We are calling upon residents of Delhi to not pay their electricity bills.” The activists also said, The day everyone in Delhi stops paying such inflated bills, the government will be forced to bow down before the common man”.

Kejriwal along with his aides Manish Sisodia d Kumar Vishwas were protesting against the recent hike in the prices of diesel and cap imposed on the subsidised LPG cylinders to be issued to BPL households. This is also Kejriwal’s first public movement after he parted ways from anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare.

On September 13, 2012 the government had raised the prices of the heavily subsidised diesel to rein on its fiscal deficit. Kejriwal and Anna Hazare separated ways on the issue of forming a political party.

Photo Credits: The Hindu


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