Japanese auto giant Toyota Motors is now planning to expand its green vehicle line up. In the next three years the company is planning to introduce 32 new hybrids, a new electric car later in the year and a fuel cell vehicle by the year 2015.

The new plans have been chalked out in response to the growing demand for fuel efficient and environmental friendly driving. Toyota on September 25, 2012 said that it will offer an electric compact called eQ which is based on its iQmodel in Japan and the US in the month of December.
The company also said that the number of vehicles made will be extremely limited which will be about 100 for special fleet use. The car will be known as the iQ EV in the US and will cost 3.6 million yen and also has a limited cruise range of 100 kms.

In the US market Toyota had worked out on a model Rav 4 sports utility vehicle with the US electric car maker Tesla Motors. The vehicle will go on sale this month. While the fuel cell vehicle which runs on hydrogen to produce electricity will be offered from the year 2015. The details of the model have not been released.


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