The petrol pump dealers are demanding a rise in the commission on selling of the petroleum products. The Confederation of Indian Petroleum Dealers on September 26, 2012 have threatened that they will work for just eight hours a day from October 15, 2012 if their demands are not fulfilled.

The CIPD, while speaking on the dealers’ demand of higher commission said, “dealers were in deep financial trouble because of increased operational costs and are left with no option but to cut the cost of operations”. The commission in a letter to the oil ministry said, “with our backs to the wall, it was resolved that the retail outlets will operate single shift from October 15 to cut costs on manpower and electricity as acute austerity measures.”

The last time the commission was revised in the year 2011. The commission was then raised to Rs. 1,499 per litre on petrol and Rs. 0.912 per litre on diesel.

Meanwhile the country is also fuming on the hike on the diesel prices due to which the transportation has been affected. Many have predicted that the rise in the diesel prices would also result in the increase in the prices of the other commodities. Even the transport association had went on a 24 hour strike to oppose the hike.


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