On September 27, 2012 there was a heated arguments between Yang Jiechi, the foreign minister of China and the Japanese diplomats at the United Nations. The Chinese foreign minister had accused Japan of stealing the disputed islands.

Japan was heavily criticised when it purchased the uninhabited islands from a private owner this month. The move had infuriated the Chinese and had led to violent protests in many of the Chinese cities.

Yang in the UN assembly said, “China strongly urges Japan to immediately stop all activities that violate China’s territorial sovereignty, take concrete actions to correct its mistakes and return to the track of resolving the dispute through negotiation”. Now China has demanded that Japan must return the purchased islands which are known as Diaoyu in Chinese and Senkaku in Japan for several years.

The islands are also claimed by Taiwan. Yang had also argued that Japan had tricked China in to signing a treaty regarding the islands in the year 1895. On the other hand Japan states that the islands were legally incorporated in to the territory. The Chinese minister said that the move taken by Japan were illegal and invalid and that they can in no way change the historical fact that Japan stole Diayu along with its affiliated islands from China.


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