In a measure to dispose the tsunami debris, the Japan government on September 27, 2012 announced that an area of the National forest land has been chosen to store the radioactive waste from the Fukushima prefecture. The area is located near the Takahagi City in northern Ibaraki prefecture as a storage site for radioactive waste from Fukushima prefecture.

Media reports said that the vice minister from the environment ministry visited Takahagi mayor Yoshio Kusama to inform him about the decision. Kusama while talking to the reporters that he was shocked by the notification.

The minister said that the city did not receive any prior notice and that there had been no consultation. Kusama also said that the city cannot accept such a high-handed decision.

An official from the environment ministry said that the waste will be ash from the debris and the mud which is removed from the ditches. The official added that about 1,700 tons of waste containing radioactive cesium of more than 8,000 becquerels per kilogram will be stored in the area. The Japan government is constantly taking measures in order to dispose the massive debris out of the tsunami which had occurred last year after a massive earth quake. Plenty of debris has also been washes from the shores.


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