Amidst the tension related to the territorial dispute between Japan and China, a bullet has been sent to the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo through post. The Police said that the bullet has been sent with the sender as the Japanese Prime Minister.

The embassy had received an envelope which had a rifle bullet and arrived at the embassy on September 27, 2012. A spokesperson from the prime minister’s office said that the Japanese prime minister has not sent the bullet but did not further elaborate on the future course of action on the issue.

The media reports have said that the envelope which had the sender’s name as Yoshihiko Noda, was taken by the embassy officials to the police. The envelope did not include any letter but just the bullet. A spokesperson from the police said, “It is true that an envelope containing a bullet-like object was sent to the embassy”. The spokesperson added, “Police are investigating whether it was a real bullet.”

The dispute between Japan and China increased after he nationalist governor of Tokyo said that it is interested to buy the Senkaku islands in the East China Sea and wishes to develop it. In Beijing the islands are known as Diaoyus.


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