On September 29, 2012 a US appeals court ruled that the lower court must reconsider the sales ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The device was banned after Apple had won the patent dispute with the South Korean electronics maker.

The injunction was applied after a month long trial in which Apple had claimed that Samsung had copied its designs in terms of technology and other factors. The US giant had won the legal battle last month on many of its patent violation claims.

But the jury had found that the South Korean maker had not violated the patent which was on the basis of the tablet injunction and Samsung has now demanded that the sales ban on it should be lifted. Lucy Koh the US district judge said that she could not act as Samsung has already appealed. The Federal US Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington on September 28, 2012 said that KOh will now consider on the issue.

The recent development has come just month before Samsung is al set to unveil its second generation of one of its most successful devices Note. The Galaxy 10.1 in an old model but the ban will affect Samsung especially in the upcoming holiday season.


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