Indian Against Corruption activist Anna Hazare announced that here after he will not resort to fasting anymore to press his demands. Hazare on the other hand said that he would flight for his causes with the help of just agitations.

Hazare on September 28, 2012 said, “Now onwards I will not undertake fast. In future I will fight for my causes through agitations”. The activist had announced at the back drop of a Ganesh Mandal ceremony in Pimpri-Chinchwad industrial township near Pune.

The anti-corruption leader said that he would continue to work to send ‘clean’ people to the parliament . Anna also said that a huge number of retired IAS officers had expressed their willingness to join his fight for a country free from corruption.

Hazare also said that he has full faith in the youth of the country and asked them not to be pessimistic about the future of the country. Last year Hazare had gone for fast for about three times out of which twice was in Delhi and once in Mumbai. The fast movement was launched by Hazare to press for a strong Lokpal Bill in the country. This year the activist had sat for fast at Jantar Mantar in Delhi in the month of July.


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