The ban on the disputed Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was lifted by a judge in the US. The ban was lifted, as the legal battle between the South Korean giant Samsung and US giant Apple continues. Lucy Koh the US District Court Judge issued an order to pave the way for the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The sales of the tablet was banned as Apple claimed that Samsung infringes some of the patents of the US based company. On August 24, a jury in the US had declared that Samsung must pay Apple $1.049 billion in damages for copying the features of the iPad and the iPhone.

The dispute between Apple and Samsung became one of the biggest patent cases in decades. On the other hand the jury had also agreed that the South Korean company did not abuse the design patents, which were used as ground for the temporary ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1. Koh in her ruling wrote, “The sole basis for the June 26 preliminary injunction no longer exists”.

The judge also wrote, “The court finds it proper to dissolve the injunction.” Earlier reports have said that Apple has reportedly requested a hearing from Koh that the amount awarded by the jury must be tripled.

Source: Japan Today


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