Kingfisher Airlines, the Indian airline company, which has had its fair share of ill fortune, has on October 2, 2012 assured that it will be paying the overdue salaries of its employees within the next few days. The assurance has come a day after a partial lockout was declared and the top officials of the airline on Tuesday met the DGCA chief.

The airline has not been paying the salaries of its staff since the last six months. Sanjay Agarwal, the CEO of Kingfisher along with Hitesh Patel the Executive Vice President, met DGCA chief Arun Mushra. The CEO said that a small section of the airlines employees were responsible for the mess and had resulted in the suspension of all operations till October 4, 2012. Kingfisher Airlines has also stopped selling its tickets till then.

Agarwal explained the financial situation of the airline to the DGCA and also  spoke about the steps that need to be taken to restore normalcy. Agarwal, after the meeting, while talking to reporters said, “We have shared the steps which we are going to take in the next few days with the DGCA. We have explained our position to DGCA”. About the pending salaries, the CEO said that it will be cleared in the next few days. Kingfisher has suffered a loss of Rs. 8,000 crore also has a debt of Rs. 7,000.

Source: DNA India


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