As the ongoing dispute between China and Japan over the territorial issue gets heated up, the IMF chief said that the world cannot afford to see countries distracted by a row. While speaking to the Japanese media,Christine Lagarde said that the disturbed global economy needs the two countries to be fully engaged and clear out all issues.

Lagarde spoke to the Japanese media before the annual IMF meeting which is due to take place in Tokyo next week. The IMF chief said that the two economic powerhouses need to show some ‘neighborly tolerance’ for the good of the world.

Lagarde said, “Both China and Japan are key economic drivers that do not want to be distracted by territorial division”. The chief also added, “The current status of the economy and the global economy needs both Japan and China fully engaged”.

The Asian countries of China and Japan are considered as world’s second and third largest economies, but are currently at loggerheads over the issue of dispute islands, which are claimed by both countries. The violence has increased in both countries when Japan  tried to purchase certain parts of the islands. Even now, Chinese ships are regularly seen in the waters around the islands and are believed to be ignoring the Japanese coastguard orders to leave the place.


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