Social networking giant Facebook will soon be launching promoted posts in the US. The new feature will allow the users to pay a small fee so that their posts are boosted up the rankings of their friends’ news feed.

Media reports have said that the posts may cost US $7. The new feature will also have a tool which will tell the user how many people have viewed the post and what has been written. The promote posts are meant for important events such as engagements, birthdays and weddings, which will be pushed up in the rankings of the users friends’ news feed.

Apart from appearing higher in the list, the promoted post will also be visible to a larger number of friends. The social network giant is planning to launch the service in the US, but it is still unknown whether the initiative will also be rolled out in the UK.

Tests for the new paid service have already begun in New Zealand for Facebook pages. The new initiative has been launched after social networking and micro blogging site Twitter offered a similar service to users to promote Tweets. This new venture by Facebook could provide to be a profitable source of income for the social network.


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