HTC Tattoo phone is the latest buzz when it comes to the next generation phones.

The Tattoo is an entry-level smartphone which uses Android 1.6 and HTC Sense, and at the same time gives users a personalization to design the cover of your choice and make your phone unique.


Reports say that at around $300, you can get the phone unlocked.

So whats so good about the HTC Tattoo smartphone? For starters, it is 4.17 inches tall by 2.17 inches wide by 0.55 inch thick/ It has similar features to the HTC Touch, the only difference being that it is slightly thicker and heavier.And one of the defining features is that you can customize the cover with your own design.

However, a point to be notes is that even though you can get the cover at the HTC Tattoo salon, these custom covers cost approx. 11.99 Euros (around $16 U.S.) each.


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