Researchers in the United States have stated that mobile phone manufacturers have now started responding to consumer and regulatory pressure to make mobile phones safer to use. The manufacturers have started using fewer toxic substances in their products.

The Michigan based Ecology Centre said that they have studied about 36 different phone models which have been released in the market within the past few years. The study revealed that the Motorola Citrus, the Apple iPhone 4S and the LE Remaarq have emerged as the least toxic models.

The recently released iPhone 5 has been ranked fifth while its rival Samsung Galaxy S III has been ranked ninth. The iPhone 2G, the first of the top selling smartphones, which was released in the year 2007, was found to contain the most toxic material. Jeff Gearhart, the search director at the Ecology centre said, “The takeaway is that mobile phones are chemically intensive, and full of chemical hazards, but they’ve been getting a lot better”.

The Ecology Centre, in a statement said that every phone which has been sampled in this study contains at least one of the following chemicals – chlorine, lead, mercury and cadmium. Such material can be hazardous, and can at can lead to health issues at any point in time.


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