United States President Barrack Obama, at his concert for his election campaign on October 7, 2012, mentioned that he cannot always perform as flawlessly as the artists at the event. It would appear that Obama is hinting at the presidential debate that took place on Wednesday October 3, 2012, where the current Presidents Republican rival Mitt Romney, appeared to have the upper hand.

Obama’s California fundraising effort featured performances by musicians Jon Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder and Katy Perry. The President was introduced by actor George Clooney. To close the evening, 150 guests were invited to a $25,000 per plate dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant.

Mitt Romney in Florida on the other hand, tried to further his cause after his strong debate performance during the course of last week, a performance his Democratic rivals considered “masterful”.

It was apparent as to how big a role the Middle East and other Foreign Affairs will play in this electoral race, when it was observed that a person from the crowd behind Romney held up a large Israeli flag surrounded by American flags.

Jennifer Psaki, campaign spokeswoman for Barrack Obama went on to downplay Romney stating that he had tried four or five times to try and explain his global intentions and has a long way to go to convince voters that he will be able to take on the role of commander in chief.


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