Indian schools in the state of Kerala will soon be equipped with tablet computers. The Kerala state government will be rolling out tablet computers in various schools across the state in a phased manner, according to our sources.

State Education minister P K Abdu Rabb, while talking at the inauguration of ‘Tech Vidya @ School’ initiated by the Ernakulam District Panchayat said, that the initiative will be implemented by local bodies along with parent-teacher organizations. Rabb added that the students could use the tablets to upload lessons and communicate with their teachers online as well, in a more effective manner.

The State education minister also stated that the smart classroom project in schools has reached its final stages. Every classroom will be converted in to a ‘smart class’ and the aim was to set up classrooms without books.

Anoop Jacob, the minister of Civil Supplies, on the occasion reasoned that an awareness must also be created among the students on how to use the technology. However,   the challenge for teachers would be to keep a check on the students, so that they do not misuse the technology. Around 53 schools will be receiving 130 desktops, 221 laptops and 91 multimedia projectors as a part of the project as well. The UPA government will be ensuring that the virtual world infrastructure is completed as early as possible.

Photo Credits: Deccan Chronicle


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