While the island dispute continues to boil over between China and Japan, another incident from Japan has been brought to light, which exposes major mismanagement flaws during the Fukushima nuclear meltdown on March 13, 2011. According to our sources, certain tapes have been made available, which involve conversation between the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (TEPCO)  and the Fukushima Daiichi materials team with their head office, wherein it appears that the teams were searching for a battery even as the nuclear plant was on the brink of failure.

Tapes were released on the news, to which many people have expressed their anger over TEPCO’s  incoherent communications with the plant director Masao Yoshida. In one of the clips of the four hour long footage, an odd incident can be seen to take place,  in which the largest electric company in Japan could not get its hands on a battery, which was required to open important valves in the nuclear reactor to release coolants.

As the plant was excessively damaged, an ordinary car batter was needed to power the valves, however the  materials team in the plant could not get their hands on a battery.

The following excerpts were taken from a dialogue shown on a TV show, which narrated what happened on March 13, 2011 between Fukushima Daiichi and TEPCO management. In regards to acquiring a battery, the Fukushima Daiiichi Materials Team was heard saying, “We don’t have enough cash. Sorry to ask but if it’s possible could you lend it to me? We’d appreciate it.” to which Akio Komori the managing director at the time said, “I wonder if someone’s using the helicopter today. Who’s using the helicopter? We can use a helicopter to carry the cash.”

Eventually the battery was procured 24 hours later from a hardware store.


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