Popular American ice cream brand ‘Mister Softee’ has now entered into the Japanese market. The brand is popular in New York City and the East Coast for its large fleet of soft-serve ice cream trucks.

Mister Softee has allegedly been selling ‘the very best’ soft ice cream since the year 1956. The brand was started by two brothers and one ice cream truck in the US, but now it has become one of the largest franchisers and has grown its business in the US to more than 600 trucks and 350 franchise outlets, operating in 15 states.

The company is co-branding with luxury Japanese sweet brand Cafe Siry in their new Omotesando flagship store. The Cafe Siry products include dry fruits, cakes, chocolates and a full coffee, juice and champagne bar.

The US based Mister Softee debuted in Japan on October 6, 2012 in Gyre building, and usually has just two flavours in the US – Vanilla and chocolate. But for Japan, it has more than 30 original soft serve flavors with six flavors rotating every week. Some of the unique blends of flavors include Black Sesame, Crushed Graham Crackers and American Apple Pie.

According to our sources,  the company will also be opening a second store in Tokyo within a month, in the popular Mishuku Crossing area near Sangenjaya.


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