Auto manufacturer Toyota said that it will be recalling 7.3 million vehicles globally, citing the risk of fire which could be caused due to a power-window defect. The announcement was made on October 10, 2012. The defect could affect popular models such as the Camry and Corolla.

This is the most recent recall from Toyota out of several recalls in recent years. Toyota was once known for its better safety features as compared to other companies. The spokesperson of the company said that Toyota will be recalling about 2.47 million vehicles from the United States, 2.8 million cars will be recalled from Europe and China, and the remaining will be recalled from the other countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia and the Middle East.

The latest recall from Toyota has come after the company had added two models to a controversial 2009 recall, launched after floor mats were getting trapped under the accelerator and causing many deaths due to accidents. This unintended vehicle acceleration had led to the recall of more than 12 million units across the world. Since then the auto manufacturing giant has worked hard to regain its reputation in terms of safety.

Toyota has also experienced setbacks on account of earthquakes, tsunamis and the economic crisis, among other things. Recently the Japanese automobile manufacturer had managed to regain its world leading automaker status from US based General Motors.


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