Japanese-based mobile phone operator Softbank Mobile Corp, on October 9, 2012 unveiled a new range of mobile phones. The new mobile phone range will take advantage of the mobile carrier’s high speed data communication service.

According to our sources, Softbank has ended the Apple iPhone exclusivity deal and the company is now attempting to emphasize the importance of a new high speed data transfer service on handsets. Last week, the mobile phone operator revealed that it will be purchasing the mobile service operator ‘eAccess Ltd’ to utilize its high speed LTE data communication network.

Softbank also revealed that the transmission speed of the 4G data communication service is as high as 76 mega bits per second. Talking about the new range of smartphones, the company said that it will be released between fall and next spring. The new mobile phones are expected to support tethering, which will allow other devices such as personal computers and tablets to share the phones’ internet connection.

Apart from the new mobile phones, Softbank has also announced the launch of a new content-on-demand service which will provide 40,000 movies and TV programs. These will be available through a set top box connected to a TV and internet connection. Another service will also enable the users to stream 50,000 multimedia files. The services are expected to be launched in the month of December.


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