A Japanese man who was wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying handcuffs, a smoke grenade and a knife in his checked in baggage was allowed to board a flight in Kansai Airport on October 10, 2012. According to a Japanese official, there was nothing suspicious about the man who disembarked in Los Angeles, USA.

Immigration officer Masahiro Nakamoto at Kansai International Airport said that the authorities did not report anything suspicious when 28-year-old Yongda Huang Harris and had boarded the flight.

Nakamoto said, “We didn’t spot anyone who was jittery or sheepish during that time”. The official also said that they do not stop anyone unless they refuse to show their face or are found violating a Japanese law. The immigration officer also said that the arriving passengers are more closely checked than those who are leaving the country.

Nakamoto said that the incoming passengers would be checked if they were acting or dressed unusually. A US official said that Harris was arrested last Friday at Los Angeles Airport and was charged for transporting hazardous materials. The Los Angeles authorities also said that Harris was not cooperating with the federal officials who were trying to interview him. Officials did not believe Harris to be part of any terrorist organization.


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