Link, the new regional airline carrier in Japan, will become the first airline to fly the ATR 72-600 in the country. Japan is one of the few remaining Asian countries where the ATR aircraft has not been integrated.

The new regional carrier will begin operations in the year 2013, and will introduce a fleet which has three leased ATR 72-600 aircraft.  The aircraft are said to be delivered in late 2013. The three aircraft will sit 70 people, will have the ‘Pratt & Whitney ‘ 127M engines as well as a new all-glass cockpit that has been developed by Thales.

The aircraft will be equipped with a new ‘Armonia’ cabin which has been designed by Italian designer Giugiaro, featuring the most modern layout as well as the most advanced technology in the field of passenger comfort. Kochi Sugiyama, the Chief Executive Officer of Link, while commenting on the announcement said, “The ATR 72-600 perfectly fits with our requirements in terms of low operating costs, most updated technologies and optimal comfort.This is the most-recently certified 70-seat aircraft on the market, and we are proud to start our operations with such a modern, successful and well-reputed aircraft.”

Filippo Bagnato Bagnato, the CEO of ATR said that they are entering into a huge market, which will bring substantial commercial opportunities in the country.


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