The Japanese outlets of popular US-based fast food giant McDonalds, had made a sudden change to its in-store ordering process on October 1, 2012. The fast-food outlet had removed menus from its counters and had asked its customers to make their choices before they step up to place their orders.

The change, although appearing to be very minor, was a crucial one for its employees. Initially, the counters had a menu right next to the cash register so that customer could chose what to order when they stepped up to the counter. However it was noticed that customers are usually confused while placing their orders and hold up other customers who are waiting in line behind them.

An official on the matter said, “By removing the menu from our counters, we help speed up the ordering process.” The change is hoped to save employees valuable time, so that the delivery process is faster and smoother as well. Now customers will need to either decide on their orders while standing in line or before they get into the queue to place their orders.

After the change was made, reports started coming in stating that there was confusion in many stores, with customers standing around looking at boards and asking for menus at the counters. Allegedly some stores had to return the menus to the counters to keep customers happy.


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