On October 12, 2012, many of  O2 subscribers were not able to receive calls, texts or access data services. The telecom company was severely criticized for massive outages, as many of its subscribers were left without phone services due to technical glitches.

O2 apologized for the technical glitch which had affected about 10% of its 23 million customer base. The company assured that the problem was solved on Friday afternoon, but some of its customers were still complaining of problems with the service on Saturday morning.

Jemima Khan, a campaigner and writer on Twitter said, “Despite claims from O2 that they’ve fixed the problem, many still reporting no service at all (inc me) 22 hours and counting.” A spokesperson from O2 said that the problem was solved at 3:30 pm on Friday, and that there was a backlog of getting customers back onto the network, which was taking longer than expected.

The spokesperson recommended that customers who still facing problems, would need to power-cycle their phones to get the services working. When the phone is switched on it sends a signal to the nearest base station to register on the O2 network. The company mentioned that they are still looking into the cause of the technical glitch.


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