Mobile phone operator NTT DOCOMO is all set to improve its cloud services for Android smartphones and tablets in Japan. The services will be enhanced from the month of November 2012, by upgrading its popular voice-command personal agent service known as Shabette-Concier.

The company will also be introducing cloud compatible versions of phonebook and email services for DOCOMO Android devices. The upgraded service is set to be an advanced voice based interface, which allows users to get information and operate handset functions by speaking in a natural manner to a smartphone. The upgraded services will be able to respond more accurately to user requests by taking into account factors such as the users age and gender, as well as the doubling the number of information-search categories to more than 30.

Apart from the upgrade, DOCOMO will be expanding the number of available apps, as well as voice-operable phone functions to more than 100. The company has also planned to synchronize the new ‘DOCOMO Phonebook’ service with the ‘Cloud Phonebook’ server, whenever a user changes their profile.

Users will be able to edit and view data in the cloud from any PC from February 2012 onward, as long as they are subscribed to ‘DOCOMO Phonebook’.


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