Yogesh Todkari is an Indian farmer who has already started benefiting from Wal-Mart’s interest in India, the crop of cauliflowers that he grows are big, leafy and a healthy shade of green. He pays credit to the world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart for his healthy crops, which will help change his life for the better with their sales.

Wal-Mart is looking to make inroads into the Indian supermarket front; a decision that will be based on how well farmers respond to their offers, apart from being able to cut out the middlemen in the Indian markets.

Farmers such as Yogesh talk about how major players like Wal-Mart help to train them right from the start, from the time the crop is sown, till it has been harvested. Brands such as Wal-Mart also pay farmers a higher price for their product by eliminating costly middlemen.

India’s decision to allow major international brands to set up shop in the country has been met with stiff political resistance and has been a challenge right from the start. However the move to include foreign supermarkets will hopefully improve the supply chain and bring down wastage costs.

Currently almost a third of the fresh produce rots in India and food inflation is a common occurrence.


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